Our School Management System

St. Sophia and Stephanie Schools desires to be a smart rather than a conventional school. To this effect, plans are at an advanced stage to launch the School Management System which would take care of all aspects of the Schools operations including but not limited to:

  • Employee information management
  • Exams and records
  • Smart payment
  • Debt tracking
  • Smart students management system and
  • Enterprise management System.

With this system in place, the Schools can send personalized messages like notifications and reminders, birthday and anniversary messages, and season’s greetings to parents; and parents can reply a message or send a new one to the schools. The messaging system provides convenience to both the Schools and parents, and saves the Schools money on printing of news letters and phone calls.

While St. Sophia and Stephanie Schools emphasizes the impartation of current and relevant knowledge to its pupils using the most modern, high-tech equipment’s, it realizes, that this impartation cannot be complete without imparting the history of the country to its pupils.

High-Tech Teaching Aids And Equipments

St. Sophia and Stephanie Schools desires to be a smart school thus it has acquired up-to- date electronic equipment and teaching aids to enhance the process of pupils education.

All the staff of the Schools have been adequately trained and possess the necessary experience to ensure the impartation of current knowledge to the pupils in an organized environment of beauty, safety and calm.

School Bus & Services

Currently, the Schools has a single bus. However, because the Schools is community based, with a majority of the pupils living a walking distance from the schools, the bus service has not begun to operate. It is envisaged that by the next academic term 2017, the bus service would be operational.

To this effect, St. Sophia and Stephanie Schools is finalizing a framework document that would guide the operations of the bus service and the behaviors expected of all users of the service including the driver of the bus.

A Secured Environment

St. Sophia and Stephanie Schools, is conscious of the safety and security of all pupils under its watch.

It is the intention of the schools, to free the mind of its pupils liberate and unshackle their minds, and let them know that they can go to distant and faraway places, do things which the eyes cannot see and see things that the ear fears to hear. Our pupils will be taught to know that nothing is impossible and everything is possible as enshrined in the Schools pledge aptly, titled “flight of the eagle”.

Fully Air-Conditioned Classrooms

All the classrooms at St. Sophia and Stephanie Schools are fully air-conditioned. The Schools is conscious of the changing weather conditions due to global warming and has endeavored to bring relief not only to the pupils but the teacher-guides when facilitating and imparting knowledge.

The classrooms are also each equipped with an industrial standing fan. The fans act as a relief to the generator, as the price of diesel has sky-rocketed, making it very difficult to sustain the use of the generator on daily basis.

Equipping The Creche

St. Sophia and Stephanie Schools operates a well-equipped crèche which is above standard anywhere.

The crèche is equipped with a bunk bed, DSTV and audio-visual CDs. As the crèche operates the Montessori teaching methodology, it is fully equipped with Montessori learning materials and teaching aids.

The Schools hopes to further equip it to enhance effective learning for its children.  Two care givers man this section of the Schools.